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Antiwar.com adopted Bitcoin for donations in November 2012. The staff was skeptical about using a new type of internet currency at first, but a payment system that enabled transactions across national borders without permission and outside the fiat banking system proved irresistible. There was a learning curve, of course, as with any technology. Nonetheless, a currency that took power away from the State's capacity to fund wars and prop up dictators resonated soundly with the organization's mission of building a world free from violence. Ten years later, despite Bitcoin's volatility, AntiWar.com still enthusiastically accepts Bitcoin donations of any size and has added BitcoinCash, Monero, and zCash to their donation page. AntiWar.com believes in peaceful cryptocurrencies – they don’t exchange your donations back into war dollars. They have long been committed to holding the coins and spending them as crypto back into the ecosystem. Antiwar's 28-year commitment to peace and non-interventionism is worth your support, and donations in crypto go further than fiat donations as the act of using crypto is in itself a direct action against war and government controls on peace and freedom. If you want to learn more about what AntiWar.com does and how you can help, please contact them today.


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